Fenbendazole Powder

Fenbendazole is a powder form of a medication that treats or prevents various parasites in dogs, cats, ferrets, goats, sheep, horses and other exotic animals. It can also be used in a variety of other species such as fish, reptiles and birds. This medication is a research chemical (labeled as such on the label) and should be used by qualified veterinarians only. A valid prescription is required for dispensing.

This medication is usually prescribed as a palatable flavoured suspension or in a powder form that can be mixed with canned food. It is an effective and quick acting medication that is well tolerated by most pets. It can be given as a single treatment or as part of a regular deworming regimen.

No monitoring is necessary after administering this medication, unless the veterinarian has specific concerns about the patient. If your pet has an adverse reaction to fenbendazole, call the veterinary office immediately or local poison control center. Do not use this medication in combination with antifasciological medications, or for 7 days after a treatment with bromsalanes. fenben

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